"Flyway to Heaven is perfect for
hunters, bird-watchers, and all others
interested in ducks and waterfowl. Kudos
to Mr. Hollowell for presenting this
material in such an easy to use manner"
-Tra DuBois (Leland, MS)

"If you're as avid a hunter as I am, you'll
want this book. Being pocket-sized
and waterproof makes it a fantastic
addition to any duck or waterfowl hunter's
gear. At $9.95, it's a real bargin!"
-Bob Critz (Concord, NC)

"In all my days as an outdoorsman,
I have never run into a product like
Flyway to Heaven. I couldn't believe it
when I saw it unharmed while submerged
in water. It's great!
I recommend it highly!"
-Reggie Smith (Kannapolis, NC)

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